Two & One

It's been a long week and it was only Wednesday- make that Tuesday. After being on the go all day, I had finished up dinner with the boys and was now just sitting at home waiting to see my husband. One of my favorite times in every day is when he comes walking through the door whereby closing the gap and making our family once again complete. Instead of coming home right after work tonight he had to stop and get a haircut across town. So I was wasting time on the computer (which I do too much). As I was surfing the web this guys name came up, our friend's face was in front of me on my Face Book site. I began to look through some of his photos and videos and was just in awe. He's such a great young man and a friend to all. God has surely blessed him with a special gift as well as a beautiful family.  My fingers slowed down before coming to a stop and I began to pray for him. I prayed that he would see the awesomeness of his talents and gifts and that he would listen to God-just listen to what God has to say to him-whatever that means for his life. A pastor had taught me long ago to stop and pray for people when God brings them across my heart and this is something I ordinarily strive to do. God has a reason for stirring my heart in the times and ways He does.
By this time Troy was on his way home. He'd called a couple of times per his norm and I expected him soon. We briefly chatted about this and that but nothing of substance. After I got done praying the phone rang-again. Guess who? Yep, Troy.  I guess, because he's traveling so much, that if he didn't call on his way home there would be days I don't think I'd talk to him at all. Anyway, what he had to say to me was exciting. Humbling even.
On his way home he called and got this guys number. They talked about some things and my husband was encouraging this young man to continue to seek God and to honor him in all he does. To each other they were a blessing. 
So how does it work out that I am at home praying for the same one for which  Troy is tracking down a phone number? Why does the Lord ask me to pray for him at the exact moments that my husband is talking with him and challenging him to stay focused on what God has for his life?  Not a coincidence. No. I believe that this was a manifestation of exactly what God means when He says that two shall become one flesh.
Never in our 20 plus years of marriage have I ever considered this facet of our oneness, but here it was crystal clear in front of me. God told me to pray for my friend but in doing so, I was directly lifting up my husband in prayer. I had no idea what Troy was going to do, we had not been talking about this, but God knew. He knew. He planned it. He ordered it. He carried it through by our obedience to His Spirit's leading. THIS is awesome! Never in a million years would I have seen that coming. I love the Lord-that He loves me, I love!  
Twenty one years together and I finally see it! Two are one.
  Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, 
and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.
Genesis 2:24

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