Gotta have it!

Cold.  Usually, warm breezes, bright sunshine and soaking showers are spring- time abundant in Virginia.  Not today. Driving home from an appointment I noticed a little boy with a big struggle. He had all the tools necessary for a successful round of kite flying, but something just wasn't right.
No bigger than the large kite he was agonizingly trying to pull behind him, this young man was giving full effort to the task at hand. Determination was written all over his face, although I couldn't see his eyes, I had no doubt about it; this kid was going to get his kite in the sky. As my car passed forward, he rushed as fast as his little legs could take him in the opposite direction.  I looked down to see an indistinguishable mangle of  kite string and shoe strings. I wondered how long he could keep up his pace before getting tripped up. Only seconds passed before I could no longer see him in my rear view window. Part of me wanted to go back and help him. Another part of me was simply envious as his demeanor displayed a naive ignorance to any potential trouble to his plan.  He had only one thought-run fast enough forward to get that kite of his in the air behind him. Humongous oak tree consuming 90% of his yard? No problem. Family vehicles blocking the driveway straight ahead? Unnoticeable! Those obstacles presented an imminent halt or at least an unplanned pause to his success yet he remained oblivious to each of them. He was focused. He believed. Even the excitement of rushing cars, like mine,  passing him by-though a stone's throw away-didn't draw his attention. They were never seen or heard.  No, this little guy was concentrating on one thing. Not only was he blinded to those roadblocks,  he believed that today his kite would soar. But there was no power to support his belief, for today there was no wind.
How can you break such a tender heart? Such a believing heart? And over a seeming unimportant fact? After all, he had his running shoes on, his kite's string in hand, his jacket thrown hastily over his shoulders and he was moving forward with all his might. Everything that would be on a list of supplies to make it happen was clearly checked as he headed outside to begin his feat. Except the wind. Gotta have it!
Without the power to support his intuition, that kite was going nowhere. Isn't that like our faith? The power of our faith is in Jesus. There is no other who can put action behind our words,  ideas, works and beliefs. 
I Peter 4:11 Whoever speaks must speak God's Words. Whoever serves must serve with the strength God supplies so that in every way God receives glory through Jesus Christ. Glory and power belong to Jesus Christ forever and ever! Amen

...Back at home, my sons and I were pushed from the car door to the front door by the whipping wind. Keep believing little boy-there is power for your faith!

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