My life inside the box: Part 1

Fill one large cardboard box. Anyone who opens it will be able to tell almost everything about you. Some of the people opening it know you well and some have never met you. Some will be opened soon and some many years down the road. What are you going to put into it? Dare to take the BOX CHALLENGE. List them here! I.



Tomorrow UPS will give me my first grade school books. I will try to get them done. Yes, I LOVE school. And guess what, GPS? {Don't ask me.} I'm going to Grandma's tomorrow. I am going to spend the night. {Not} It's either one, or two, or three nights. I've been packed all week. Or I'll just go in the room and play my DSi XL with my cousin. I love Grandpa, Nathaniel and Leilana and Grandma.
That's all. I'm finished for the day. Good night.