My life inside the box: Part 1

Fill one large cardboard box. Anyone who opens it will be able to tell almost everything about you. Some of the people opening it know you well and some have never met you. Some will be opened soon and some many years down the road. What are you going to put into it? Dare to take the BOX CHALLENGE. List them here! I.



Tomorrow UPS will give me my first grade school books. I will try to get them done. Yes, I LOVE school. And guess what, GPS? {Don't ask me.} I'm going to Grandma's tomorrow. I am going to spend the night. {Not} It's either one, or two, or three nights. I've been packed all week. Or I'll just go in the room and play my DSi XL with my cousin. I love Grandpa, Nathaniel and Leilana and Grandma.
That's all. I'm finished for the day. Good night.


She ought to be in pictures!

IMG_4241w, originally uploaded by TH.Photography.
Just look at her! Can't deny those baby blues...love her.


My Three Guys

This one needs some editing done to it as it's right out of the camera, but it's simply my favorite photo of all 3 of my guys. Daddy and Mitchel were singing Happy First Birthday to our newest baby-guy and he was enjoying every word. It was a wonderful family celebration of so much that had changed between 3.4.04. and 3.4.05. There will NEVER bee too many times I get to stand around a birthday table w/all and any of my family to sing Happy Birthday to each of them. One tiny step for brotherhood and one giant leap for TnT Henion. We love you boys more than you could ever realize...even when your bathroom is not clean, your teeth need brushing and the yard hasn't yet been cut.  We LOVE you!

Christmas in July

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By default (and three years of saving Disney Dollars), we are planning a December vacation to see Mickey Mouse. For us Christmas symbolizes Jesus' birth and we love to see Disney's proclamation of the manger done only as they could do it. And wow, the candle light processional is just out of this world as the choir enters in and the harmonizing trumpeters announce their arrival, as if they needed it.. I'm almost ready to stand up right this minute for the finale as I feel like I"m there. It won't be long, Lord willing we'll be able to come up with the rest of the money necessary to spend a week together at the most exciting time of the year, in the happiest place on earth, celebrating the most important birth ever. M-I-C  K-E-Y  M-O-U-S-E!  See you real soon!


Webber Love

Oh, the lazy days of summer. 
What a better way to pass 
time than dinner on the deck 
compliments of Mr. Webber? 
Warning: This is not a scratch and sniff post :P

Let them eat cake!

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This was the first wedding of my wedding-season 2010. From the quaint and richly historic church to the timeless vintage inspired ivory lace gown, this was an elegant wedding. Again, I was blessed to not only have been included in the couple's lives, but also to watch my husband officiate the ceremony as I directed the day's events. The cake? Well, that was just the icing on this fun and perfect day. This Dr. and her sailor have nothing but the promise of a beautiful future together. Congratulations and much love to you two.


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Another one from the birthday girl's shoot. Dora has the corner market for her invitations, but it's Boots who has her heart. I love the adoration made obvious in the was this almost three year old holds and hugs her Boots. I think he's helping make her birthday even more special this year. I love that age!


Birthday Balloons and a bridge

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I loved this little girl. The funniest thing that night was when she had me and her mom pulling those particular three from the larger bouquet of balloons. She was determined that she would be carrying those, and *just* those with her as she walked away. Not too sure where exactly she was heading at this point, but the photo was too telling not to capture. No doubt her birthday party will be full of even more of her executive decisions. How blessed I am to be writing another story, one click at a time.

Her Salor's Kiss

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What a fun wedding! This young couple has been romancing a long distance relationship and engagement for a year. Their mantra was, "You live your life and one day love just happens." Finally together, they tied the knot (had to get that Navy innuendo in there somehow!) on June 15, 2010 in Richmond, VA. It was a hot but gorgeous day: I'm still not too sure if it was from the sunshine or the beautiful beaming bride herself. I love the excitement of marrying your best friend. I'm excited that I happened to be there to capture it all. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Sailor, umm, Snider. You two are greater together than you are apart...that's a lot of greatness.