Game two. It's been a long day-scratch that-month. It's been a long month regarding baseball game scheduling. Mitchel is in his glory and that's pretty much where he stays. We, his brother, father and I are every where else. The playground, the car, the bleachers, the ground, the bathrooms or port-a-potty if we're really unlucky... anywhere but home. I love watching Mitchel enjoying life but as they say, it ain't easy. The last time I really saw an entire game was 2003-and before he became a big brother.
Finally we had a beautiful day to be outdoors. The cool wind blew the ever so blossoming trees to and fro.  I could swear Nicholas was faster than anything or anyone I'd ever seen, but nope. That pollen was able to catch up with him and it appeared to have knocked him with a one-two punch. His poor little eyes resembled  a drunken man's face after losing a bar fight.  
Attempting to avoid a visit to this teams' port-a-potty, we drove around the neighboring roads looking for a McDonald's or the like. CVS was the closest we could find; thankfully we got off track just exactly where we needed to be. I went in and bought some allergy eye-drops for my little guy.  I was a bit concerned after reading the sign on the door: "Please leave all book bags and large bags at the front counter." Hmmm, and despite the fact that Troy "knew where a McDs was" AND we have a GPS that would TELL US, we still ended up in a bad area of town and nowhere near a McDonald's.  (Nicholas eyes were feeling better, but I still had to pee.)
Back we went. I was all in favor of hitting "emergency" on the GPS, but didn't dare suggest that to Mr. City Tour Guide. Home would have been OK by me at this point, too. Never the less, back at the field Nicholas and I use the johnny house that is by now deemed as his favorite. Great. It was a long first inning. Forty-five minutes long and at the end of it we were up 9-0. It didn't get much better from there- for the other team or for Nicholas' eyes.
We left the game and headed home to change for game two of the day. Instead of worrying about sunburn, we'd now pack blankets for protection from frost bite. Thankfully we were in our back yard for this game. That meant that when Nicholas asked to stay here at home with Nanny, it was a possibility. Tub time. PJ time. Go time. Wait. Nanny's age tends to scare me into crazy mindsets. So, I dialed my cell using our home phone and showed Nicholas how to get a hold of me in an emergency. (And to think some parents teach their children to dial 9-1-1 for that reason.) Out we go. 
I think we were a good 500 feet up the road when the name on the screen of our car read "HOME" as my phone rang. "Yes?" 
"Mommy, Nanny wants mac & cheese."
Sigh. What have I done here? Mitchel chimes in from the back seat, "Way to go, Mom!"
I didn't take that in a congratulatory way whatsoever.  After explaining to my new five year old that mac & cheese was not an emergency, we hung up.
On the rest of the three minute drive to the field, I remember that it was our turn to bring snacks. Snacks that I had not thought of in this 8 game week. Out of my car with the guys and the gear and off to the store. Surely CVS would have cold drinks and cheap chips, right? 
Oh, I changed my ring tone today to "I'm Yours." LOVE that song and it's a good thing because I was listening to it once again. "Hello."
"Yes, Goo. Are you OK?"
"Nanny's crying again; she cries when I call you."
Hurriedly, I leave the store and storm home after telling my wonderful dear son that this too was not an emergency. "Get dressed to go with me to the game, I'll be home in a few minutes to get you."
Since I was home, I loaded up the cooler with snacks and drinks for the team. Going into the house I notice that Nicholas was in Nanny's room laughing and having a good time. Still in his PJ's he peeks through her opened door; clearly his eyes were still sorely losing the battle. My eagerness to get him out of there faded fast. He was in no shape to be outside for anything. I fixed the two of them a snack and drink. Put some more drops in his eyes and then I sat him up on the table.
"Listen to me," I started. "An emergency is when Nanny is lying on the floor and can't get up. Do you understand?"
"Yes, Mommy."
Off I went, this time more sure of my decision to leave them home alone together.
But I have to tell you, it was the fifth inning when I saw the Black Hawk helicopter circling the fields and our home's area. I thought for sure he'd called in the troops because Nanny was crying again. Nah, they were both in one piece when we got back home tonight. No emergencies but I sure was worn out!


  1. Isn't motherhood wonderful! But just think about it, what else would we be doing?
    I remember those days when Sean did the travel soccer and I managed the team. It was mind blowing, especially the out of town weekends. I realized that Paul only came for the snacks. I think the funniest thing was the time Sean went into one of the port a johns, came out and said "guess what there's a hand sink in there". YUCK!

    Hang in there mom,

  2. Oh my gosh-and hand sink! Yes, it's an amazing trip with the boys. I'm going to miss this. No doubt.