Too many years making us one,
So much to think about but not while alone.

You go away for awhile 
My smile unwillingly fades.

Loving our boys and keeping so busy doesn't help,
without you feels so wrong.

It's the empty space on our pillows,
The bedside prayers that go unsaid.

Missing the greatest father ever, 
though silent, in their actions you sure can tell.

So many ordinary things; I don't know what it is
that I yearn for the most.

A kiss in the dawn or the same in the night, or a hand hold, a hug-
the absences of which just are not right.

Conversations on the phone:
Listening to your voice- for now it will suffice.

I know you'd too rather be here than away-
home rather than the office anywhere; for both of us it's that way.

Is it your voice?
Your smile?
Your touch?

My security and hope goes with you on nights like this.
Endless nights and longer days leave me dreading the restless slumber.

My mind fills as my heart floods void of our ordinary.
Of all that I wish for,
It's your presence. 

Just you being here and nothing more.
Come home and make it home to me once again.

I love and miss you, Babe. <3


  1. Great picture of your Men! Love the poem.

  2. Tami, I just found your blog. You have an awesome gift of writing. I LOVE this poem! I hope you don't mind, but I copied it and sent it to James -- it expresses EXACTLY how I'm feeling right now! (I gave you 100% credit for it! LOL)