Oreo Whites

In the middle. That's where I'm starting my blogging. Years ago I discovered my desire to write. Desire and opportunity don't always agree.  How many dozens of great ideas and priceless moments that have been sacrificed to this point I can't say, but now-in the middle-is when my life begins to find both a word and page to pause upon.
I can not possibly go back 40 plus years in this minute, nor can I try to immediately recapture the wonders of life since becoming a wife and mother. But I can start with today-- which happens to be the 6th of Musnday, to be exact.
Listening to my sons learn to talk was magical (listening to their never ending chatter now, not so much).  Their little tender voices speaking out thoughts and words often times ingenious of their own understanding captivated my everything. Mitchel was my earliest talker. Being in education, I had some knowledge of early childhood development, but it wasn't until a well baby visit that I realized just how early his verbal skills had begun.
Thump, thumpity-thump-thump, thump, thump-thump...the doctor was about to report that his lungs were clear and his heart was strong, I think. What I do clearly remember is Mitchel's soft, dimply hands grasping the stethoscope, pulling it away while saying, "Stop it!"  I guess it was cold! His doctor told me that she'd never had a nine month old tell her anything before that day. (I should have thought more about this than I did at the time-slow learner begins) Our beagle, Zach, was often the recipient of that command, "Stop it!" Was it that early on in the journey of motherhood when I should have realized that my children would be listening, learning, repeating and living everything I modeled to them? Gosh, I am a slow learner!
There are two other words I vividly remember Mitchel using: Munsday and pocklet. They were his words first and then they were our words. Words that had their meanings conceived in our home; words that made sense-and in a tender, personal way- only to us. His dad and I still use them. They remind us of how wonderful our first born is, how cleverly God has put him together, and how much of an individual he always will be. For us, Monday has been replaced with Munsday and the rainy day pennies are placed deeply into pocklets for safe keeping.
Oreos: the best part of the cookie is in the middle. I hope my middle is the best place to begin giving my musings permanency, because I just did.

Psalm 139:13-14 For you have possessed my reins: you have covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise you; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are your works; and that my soul knows right well.

Welcome to my journey,

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