My Top Ten and Troy

He's a 10 in my book!

1. I love my husband's eyes which truly show me his soul. He is my soul mate.
2. I love my husband's heart. His heart is both quick to seek forgiveness and the first to forgive.
3. I love my husband's ability to get along with everyone he meets: he is well liked by nearly everyone who knows him-and rightfully so.
4. I love my husband's drive to be a great father as well as a respected and successful businessman.
5. I love that my husband loves me, not for all I do for him (though he does love that about me), but because of the person I am.
6. I love my husband's sensitivity.
7. I love my husband's strength.
8. I love my husband's steadfast and unwavering faith. He is a man of God and I love that about him.
9. I love that I've never had to question, even in the heat of an argument, his heart's intention. He has never set out to hurt me in any way.
10. I love that he is a man I can admire and respect in so many ways, and I do.

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