Mascots, Dogs and Embossing Powder

He's struck again and while I was talking to a girlfriend about meeting for coffee because we both need to a break, what I thought was a need has be confirmed. During that phone call, Nicholas was busy.
I didn't even wonder what he was doing because we'd been cleaning together all day.
My bad.
Bouncing into my room as if he'd just won the toy-lottery, he shouts, "DO YOU WANT TO SEE HIM? I colored Lambeau."
I pictured an entire 500 sheet tablet of new construction paper cut and glued to the poor dog. Wrong. Soooooo wrong.
Recently I'd been digging through my rubber stamp collection and left out the inks. My bad seems to be a good fit here, too. Guess who found them? But it wasn't the stamps that intrigued him this time. Maybe it was, but if so those thoughts didn't linger. I swear, this child has an insatiable curiosity and an imagination to match. No, today it was the sparkle of the embossing powder: five jars of blue, red, gold and iridescent filled to the brim embossing powder to be exact.
Had there been a contest for most patriotic dog, mascot, (or spirited boy), I envision a blue ribbon hanging proudly around Nicholas' neck as he drags a reluctant dog through the grandstand, himself joining in with the cheers of the crowd. He helped clean up. Mitchel rescued the dog's once brown eyes and honey-gold fur from the remnants of his brother's art project and all is once again back to normal in the house.
How quickly can a get a shower?

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