Sleepless musings and a full moon

King Size. Full moon, half moon, new moon...I see the moon's phases almost nightly as my youngest taps my arm somewhere between moon rise to moon set. (is that even correct?)
"Can I sleep in here for a few minutes?"
Silently and automatically, I stretch my arm out a bit and he grabs on and climbs up. Seconds later my brown-eyed, freckled-face, curly-topped son is sounding off his sleep signal with one of his audible contented sighs.
I wish I could get my husband to realize the warm body he's holding is no longer mine and move to  his side of the bed . Slated deep into his own dreams he's oblivious to our visitor's ordinary presence. Now, Daddy and son take up my half of the bed while I stare at the moon's light while clenching the sheets hoping I don't capsize.
So is the most coveted luxury for a mother, sleep? Since motherhood began for me almost 16 years ago, I can't remember, however, if I were a betting woman...
This morning that adorable little boy came bouncing down the steps, "Mom, I sure got a great lot of sleep in there last night."
I smiled. Chances are it wasn't my hot cup of coffee that warmed my heart this early morning. Yawn. ;)

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