Coffee? Meet ya there

I left, my cup nearly empty from a second refill of diet soda. With my thirst quenched and my stomach in knots, I started the car. Pinching myself wouldn't work. In my daze and continued disbelief I drove toward home. This was my friend. A wonderful Christian woman who, like me, has been busy with raising her sons and being a wife for the past 20 plus years. SHE made my wedding cake! How did her life get to this point?
Distracted by the fluttering of a hungry bird on the patio, I  listened to some updates to her story as the morning sun tried to warm me. An icy sip of soda took a slow route through the straw trying to wash that lump down my throat as Dee continued. How does she go on? How does she go home? ...A woman's heart is in her home and I hear echoes only of heartache from hers. Like so many of us today, this woman I've grown to love more with each prayer offered on her behalf, sits across from me, her fourth finger now barren. Its  absence screams the demise of her marriage. Not long ago she told me of their separation over breakfast. That day my unsuspecting bottom jaw  plunged into my coffee cup as my heart raced to my feet. NO WAY this had happened to her. To her family.
My day began with plans  starting at the top of a 759 item to-do list, yet when Dee asked what my day looked like, the paper cleared with the exception of meeting with her. I'm glad I did.
There are many blessing in the middle of this raging battle she's fighting. And like most battles, the casualties lie bloodied all around and their effects are numerous and overwhelming.
All at once I began to both thank the Lord for my blessings (I am so richly blessed) as well as cry tears out to Jesus once again for my girlfriend.
Dee, now that I have this new opportunity to be obedient to our heavenly Father, just know that I count it an honor both to Him and to you to help carry your burden. He will remain faithful:  a promise keeper. 
In life, in coffee breaks, in heart to heart talks, in tears, in laughter, in hurt, in prayer, I'm with you my dear friend.
Matthew 12: 15 Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.

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