Monsters, Dragons and Thunder

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray Thee Lord the cows to keep-

Far, far away from my dreamy slumber,
Instead- send monsters, dragons or thunder.

Those don't bother me in the least, 
But God? Please keep away the SHEEP!

One more thing which scares me to death 
(and no one could guess it, that's a sure bet),

Mom says it won't hurt me and it never can move,
Well, it does in my dreams, so what can I do?

Dear Lord,  I pray for this one last wish,
...What scared me last night was the food in my dog's dish!

So I ask you God, as I close my eyes,
Please lock all those scary things outside.

A peaceful night is my request,
Because Mom doesn't want me in her bed.

Thank you & Amen