Brother Where art thou?

 Brother Where Art Thou?

I don't know which letters will dance off the keyboard and become words tonight, nor do I know what they will say.
My brother Seth moved across the country last week: coast to coast. The logic I keep repeating to my brain is that even living less than 2 hours away didn't mean we had time to stop life and visit often. Commonly, we both drove farther than one another's place and had our personal visits at mom and dad's house. Those times were usually confined to special days such as birthdays (theirs, not his: other than Bastille day, he refuses to acknowledge any significance) or holidays. Sometimes we'd expand our horizon and shoot over there for unexpected necessary trips such as when Mom got hit by a car or Dad scared us all with his seemingly incurable nose bleeds (thank the Lord for His grace and their continued health).
Therefore it makes no sense to feel sad that he's so far away. Yet I do. I miss him. Maybe it's because I know he's 2600 miles away from and 3 hours behind me. Each making it more difficult to see and talk to him. Maybe it's just because I know if  I want to visit him, I can not without getting on a plane. Could it be that I can't help him get settled in, chose a new kitchen table or unpack his dishes? Or, maybe it's simply just knowing we're separated more than before.  Very possibly it's because the brain and the heart don't often see the same perspective: logic can come along side of feelings, but it will take a little  time for that union to form.

I'm happy for him. Excited that he's living one of his long time dreams of leaving months of wintry barren landscapes and cold nights behind  in favor of the San Diego year long calm climate and picturesque views. Who could blame him?

I honeymooned in SD years and years ago, visited back there with my sons just a couple of years ago and now have added yet another reason to be in love with the area: one of my dearest friends and brother now call it home.  

I'm off to look up plane fares. 

Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet. -- Vietnamese Proverb


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