5475 Days~15 Years


It's been 5,475 days since I became a mother.
 We've all heard our parents and other adults repeat the same banal words, 
"they grow up too fast." 
Once upon a time that was laughable or at least worthy of a good eye-roll.
 No more. 
 I concede their accuracy. 
They are painfully accurate, 
and those words resound loudly through my ears. 

Mitchel's 15th birthday is today. 
He's so excited. So am I. 
not because the years have sped by 
and my 21 1/2" newborn son has sprouted
 to an over 6' tall young man, 
but because  he wanted to spend his birthday 
with his dad, brother and me. 
Talk about a fleeting moment. 
I'll take it! 

We visited Williamsburg, VA to play miniature golf at Pirate's Cove, or Argh Putt-Putt as Nichoals calls it. 
The day was perfect starting with lunch at Red, White and Blue Memphis BBQ followed by an hour playing Black Beard's course-we nearly had the place to ourselves. 
Even though we struck out at Nike Outlet for a pair of 15 cleats, all was not a loss. 
Troy took Mitchel back to the sports consignment shop we passed 
and he bought a new Omaha bat for $18 used. 
He'd had his eye on that bat for some time 
but the $200 price tag kept him at a distance.

A quick drive thru at Wendy's for dinner gave way to a beautiful westward 
 drive as we headed back home enjoying the sun setting before us. 
Mitchel smiled and laughed all day long. 
Nicholas loved it  just as much and both of them can't wait to go again. 
It's going to be a tough day to top, 
but I'm willing to give it  try sometime soon.
Soon because I know the days and years are good 
at passing me by unawarely.

The prospect of looking ahead to years 16, 17 and 18 
don't bring a smile to my face right now, 
so I'll stop here 
while I'm happy. 

Happy birthday to my first born, 
Mitchel Troy Henion
I'm so richly blessed to have you as a son and part of my life. 
May your 16th year be better for you than any year yet. 
I love you!

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