Not the power of a praying wife, but the power of Obedience to God and answered prayer.

The boys and I met Daddy for lunch down by his work (no small trek-60 miles). Everyone was excited for this is a rare but fun event. After filling up at Olive Garden, I wanted to do a bit of outlet shopping so the breadwinner had to head back to work. In the middle of trying on shoes for the little guy, I was urged to the bathroom. As I scurried down the barren hallway my heart began to think about my husband's return to work and how horrible it would be to have interrupted his day for lunch with the family and to get in an accident on the way back. The Lord was urging me to pray. Pray I did. I asked the Lord to keep him safe from injury and harm and thanked Him for a good time together that afternoon. Getting back into the car I paused to answer my phone.
"I just want you to know I'm ok."
Then I knew something was wrong...and was about to find out just how much was right. Honey had been heading westbound on a two lane highway separated by a tree filled gulf when a car-carrier tractor trailer  bolted out of control and tore through that median. Crunching into the guard rail set off a cannon of debri and the Jeep was its target. Bulls-eye!
The state police officer could not understand how that metal pole held back a multi-ton vehicle.  Obedience.
Very unusual for this normally busy interstate, there was only one other car traveling west in tandem and the Marine driver considered it his civic duty to pull over and give an account of the accident to the police officer. Troy was able to talk at length to this man. Seems that he is not a believer but his wife is and she's been praying and loving him as they walk life's path. Today's path make it clear that someone was holding back that tractor trailer, because a single pole could not. Mr. Marine's rightful act allowed him to see God's protection up close.
No windows were broken. No blood was spilled. No tires were mangled.  Nobody was hurt.
Answered Prayer.

Not the power of a praying wife, but the power of Obedience to God and of 
answered prayer.  Thank you, Lord.

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  1. Wow - what an amazing testimony! I have enjoyed reading your blog.