If the Shoe Fits

  • Pretty day for a stroll through open air shopping.
  • Saxon-no need to explain if you're from anywhere near Richmond VA, no need to explain if you're not.
  • Uggs, heaven underfoot.
  • Sylvester and Tweety-the old lady with the umbrella? HER:
  • "Would you like some help?"
  • "I'd love some help. I want these in a size seven, please."
  • "Let's see, (taking the shoe off of my foot and one off of the shelf) these are different sizes."
  • "Yeah, that one is smaller, but this one's a six and it's too small."
  • "Are you sure?"
  • (hmmm, yep hanging off the back of the sole, I'm pretty certain.) "Yeah, I tried them both on."
  • "Well, you don't want too much room in the front or in the back."
  • (Looking around to make sure I'm in the store I thought I'd walked into. Yep, still here.)
  • (Maybe she's a visual talent-I'll put the six back on...glancing at the floor)
  • "I need more room than that (since my foot is off the shoe!)"
  • "Well Chickie, (Ok-she didn't say Chickie, but she may as well have!) you're the one who's going to have to wear them!"
  • (thanks, Mom)
  • Out she comes; good thing I saw her walking the other way. "Over here!"
  • "Ok, here's the six."
  • "Umm, I need the sevens."
  • "Oh, are you sure?"
  • Nods head
  • "Back again (good thing they sold sneakers there; Zumba's got nothing on her work efforts!)."
  • "Ahh, perfect. I think I'll get these." (I heard my wallet groan.)
  • "Sorry it took me a few trips."
  • "That's ok. They're perfect. Thanks."

  • Granny made me chuckle that day. I wear those shoes as often and I think of little Granny as I scamper about those days. I still smile as I remember the encounter...she made my day and my toes still thank her for that!

  • Misfit delivers perfect fit!

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