It Hurts me too!

Lately we've been challenged as a family. Life's circumstances have brought us to crossroads that are conflicting in our hearts and minds. Watching our son struggle at the hands of those in authority of his activities is more difficult than I would ever imagine. When working hard doesn't produce the fruit thereof, where do you go then? How can one voice exclaim both yes and no? You're in and you're out? Makes no sense even to me as an adult and to ask a perplexed teenager to figure it out seems futile.  I've asked the Lord so many time lately what He's trying to teach me, what does He want for me to learn? To realize? To believe? For now his dad and I are doing our best. We've been focusing on what we can do and we've learned a thing or two: a parent's love and encouragement go a long way when the world looks to be without hope and a dream seems to begin to die, no matter what others do contrary to their words OUR character counts, hard work really doesn't always pay but it's always right, indeed life is NOT fair-just like our parents told us, and God is for us-always. We can and need to depend on Him.

As Good Friday and Easter Sunday came and went, I realized for the first time ever how the Lord may have felt to watch Jesus, His Son, suffer in ways we'll never understand. It hurts. It hurts to watch our children suffer. Sometimes there's nothing more we can do beyond letting our kids know we are for them and pull along side to encourage them even if we think they don't hear it. Then, all that's left is to turn our heads and cry when their heartache reaches the depths of our own. 

Jesus was on trial, was beaten beyond human recognition, hung and died on a cross: Did His Father have to look away and cry because His heart hurt more than He could stand? 

I think so.

Job 35:9 Men cry out under a load of oppression; they plead for relief from the arm of the powerful.


  1. What a way to look at it. Love you.

  2. I know what you mean about hurting when your kids hurt. I felt equal parts "mama bear" and proud parent when my daughter was being bullied this year in kindergarten. At the same time as I struggled with a fierce anger at whoever would dare to crush my little girl's spirit, I was amazed at my child who told me how kindly she acted towards her bully, because Jesus says to love your enemies. Even now, she tells the little boy about Jesus and tells him she will pray for him when he teases her about it. Thank you for this post - it was a good reminder to me of how to teach my kids to stand up under suffering.

  3. Tami! You have a blog!

    I trust the situation with your son has seen resolution. I loved reading your heart here. The ending of this post reminded me of a Michael Card song, "Love Crucified Arose". There's a line in it that says, "At last the time to love and die; The dark appointed day; That one forsaken moment when; Your Father turned His face away." Yes, I think His heart hurt more than He could stand...and because He truly understands, we can trust Him when our hearts hurt.

    Thinking of you today,