10/31/1959 ~ 10/31/2009

Once upon a time, so the fairy tale goes-
Started just about fifty years ago.

No tiara or crowns as the story unfolds
Just young love, two hearts and rings of gold.

The bride and groom became husband and wife,
Together they couldn’t wait to start their new life.

The castle was small and the prince worked a lot,
but to wait on having babies? They simply would not.

Now mother and father: their first born son had arrived,
That very moment the princess’ heart doubled in size.

And that was the start of the next twenty years,
Five sons and a daughter they would both hold so dear.

Many friends they would meet and invite to their homes-
No matter where in the country they’d roam.

So loving and generous straight from their hearts,
Any stranger met was a friend from the start.

Royal food from the kitchen was prepared in delight,
For the princess loved cooking, baking and serving it right.

Some dragons were slain all through the years; bringing sadness and heartache and too many tears.

But the prince and the princess showed themselves true, 

To their faith and the Lord and all the things that they knew.

Called to be servants, but heirs to the King,
God’s blessings upon them-His praises they sing.

Days turned to years and the castle was bare
They had no idea how they found themselves there.

Their dear little babies now grown on their own,
Brought the greatest of blessings they ever had known.

When voices call out these names, they sure stop:
Nanna and Pappa or Grandma and Pop.

All the inhabitants of the kingdom ~far and near,
Are so thankful for their presence here.

Happy 50th Anniversary; may the best be yet to come,
We love you and thank you for who you are and all you have done. 

Now we all know that fairy tales never end: 
So~Happily ever after!
(on that we depend)


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