I did it, Grandpa-HOME RUN NIGHT!

Mitchel Henion.
Big M.
Red Helmet.
May 26, 2009.
Clover Hill Athletic Complex.
Yankees Junior team.
Dad & Coach Leon Layne.
6 o'clock game.
Opponents-Diamond Backs.
2 Doubles. 1 Walk.
6 RBI's.

With the sky threatening an imminent downpour, we head to the fields to get this standing game in and done. The Diamondbacks formally noted after our last meet up that they weren't trying to win and didn't realize it was a standing game. Well, here we meet again-not a ray of sun in the sky.
My son had been having  a great night all around. He's been working hard at the batting cages nearly every day after his workouts, just to get some swings in-he says, just to build back some of his confidence-I say.
Mid way through the game he'd put two doubles under his belt and a walk against 2 of their pitchers. Stepping back up to the plate...
Mitchel blasted a HOME RUN....BEAUTIFUL! It was so exciting to witness. The whole thing was great. The second the ball left the bat, we knew, even before he umpire's hand went up: that one was OUTA HERE! Trotting around the bases, he & his coach on 3rd let out a little collaboration of excitementhis team surrounded him at home plate, fans from the games all around peered to see it, grinning (and grimacing alike) Coaches relived their own baseball years, and some of the other team's parents and coaches waited in the parking lot to congratulate him! What a FUN night. It's late now, but tomorrow night we're taking him out for a celebratory dinner. I am so proud of him chasing that dream and doing the work to make it a reality. I'm so happy for him and he's over the moon! I'm sure he'll sleep all night with that smile glued to his face, if he sleeps at all. Congratulations my Son! I am proud of you and I love you.

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